Orcas – Kamal Lindoff/Environmental & Transportation Director


DIA held 4 Taku Inlet Boat Cruise to share our Culture/History, and to show our Traditional Territory of the Aak & Taaku Kwaan.  Also to bring awareness on Transboundary issues with Minning contamination within the Taku area.



Transboundary Rivers

All transboundary rivers, the Taku, Stikine, Unuk, Alsek, and the Chilkoot are being threatened by mining operations that are being proposed in British Columbia.

The Douglas Indian Association (DIA), and Rivers Without Borders (RWB) hosted a one-day boat trip into the Taku Inlet and River area to educate citizens and agency leaders about environmental issues posed by transboundary mines but also to enhance community awareness of the cultural history of the Tlingit Aak’w Kwaan and T’aaku Kwaan clans.

It is a combined effort between tribes in the Southeast Alaska region, Taku River Tlingit First Nation, Rivers Without Borders, government officials, environmental conservation groups, and community leaders that we are fighting to protect the ancestral transboundary waterway systems.


DIA invited tribal representatives from Taku Tlingit First Nation and leaders of the State, City and Federal agencies along with DIA tribal members and elders.

The boat made several off-shore stops where tribal leadership gave presentations about cultural and historical significance of traditional and sacred territory.

Environmental staff gave presentations that high-lighted the tribes ‘environmental work and priorities about the Taku River and Gastineau Channel areas where changes are being monitored for mining pollution problems.


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