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Salmon Resiliency

SALMON RESILIENCY Taku River First Nations  The DIA is currently working with Taku River Tlingit First Nations

Salmon Resiliency2019-09-06T12:01:15-08:00

Protect Historic/Sacred Sites

PROTECT HISTORIC/SACRED SITES Historic/Sacred Sites The DIA is working with the U.S. Forest Service and meets on

Protect Historic/Sacred Sites2019-09-06T12:08:36-08:00

Address Juneau Landfill Issues

ADDRESS JUNEAU LANDFILL ISSUES Juneau Landfill Unlike other Southeast communities, who have their landfills positioned outside of

Address Juneau Landfill Issues2019-09-06T12:12:02-08:00

Address Marine Debris

ADDRESS MARINE DEBRIS WITHIN OUR TRADITIONAL TERRITORY Lost Fishing Gear  Derelict fishing gear, such as lost fishing

Address Marine Debris2019-09-06T12:14:33-08:00

Address Mining Contamination

ADDRESS MINING CONTAMINATION  Mining Issues Within our Traditional Territory   The DIA has identified addressing environmental concerns associated with

Address Mining Contamination2019-09-06T11:59:00-08:00

Tlingit Villages

A`akw Kwáan & T`aaku Kwáan Tlingit Villages of the Juneau and Douglas area Juneau and Douglas Island were occupied

Tlingit Villages2019-09-12T09:55:19-08:00

Mayflower Island

MAYFLOWER ISLAND Traditional Subsistence Site Used By Our Tribal Members Traditional Subsistence Site Mayflower Island across from

Mayflower Island2019-09-10T11:14:02-08:00

Sites of Cultural Significance

SITES OF CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE The following photos show two current sites of historic and cultural significance and importance to the Douglas

Sites of Cultural Significance2019-09-12T09:57:35-08:00