DIA and U.S. Forest Service coordinated a one day field trip over to Admiralty Cove. Elders shared with the students the history of this place and showed us how this place was occupied by the Tlingit ancestors of the Aak & Taaku Kwaan. Admiralty Cove is a place rich with many food resources that the Tlingit people thrived on.  It is a habitat full of deer, fish, berries and seal that made this place a perfect area to set up fish camps and villages. 


Small Project – Meaningful Engagement – Youth and Elders – Connecting in Place

PartnersUS Forest Service Admiralty National Monument – Heritage Program and Douglas Indian Association (A Federally Recognized Tribe)

VolunteersJohn Morris, Fran Houston and Paul Marks (elders).  Elijah Marks, Jennaya Morris and Claire Helgeson (youth)

Boat Trip to Admiralty Cove Shared Time on the Ground – August 10, 2018

Safety meeting and training in advance

Week of August 13 Interviewsincluding prep, interviews and compilation of interview catalogs

National Archives SeattleResearch TripSeptember 17-20, Partners… and a youth volunteer